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Human peripheral blood lymphocytes were stained with 5 uL (0.125 ug) violetFluor™ 500 Anti-Human CD8a (85-0086) (solid line) or 0.125 ug violetFluor™ 500 Mouse IgG2a isotype control (dashed line).

violetFluor™ 500 Anti-Human CD8a (OKT8)

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The OKT8 antibody is specific for the 32-34 kDa alpha chain of human CD8, known as CD8a or CD8 alpha. CD8a can form a homodimer (CD8 alpha-alpha), but is more commonly expressed as a heterodimer with a second chain known as CD8b or CD8 beta. CD8 acts as a co-receptor for antigen recognition and subsequent T cell activation that is initiated upon binding of the T cell receptor (TCR) to antigen-bearing MHC Class I molecules. The cytoplasmic domains of CD8 provide binding sites for the tyrosine kinase lck, facilitating intracellular signaling events that lead to T cell activation, development, and cytotoxic effector functions. CD8+ cytotoxic T cells (CTLs) play an important role in inducing cell death of tumor cells, as well as cells infected by virus, bacteria or parasites.

The OKT8 antibody is widely used as a phenotypic marker for CD8 on cytotoxic T cells, thymocytes, as well as on certain cell types that do not also express the TCR, including some NK cells and lymphoid dendritic cells. If used together with alternative antibodies Anti-Human CD8a clone RPA-T8 or Anti-Human CD8a clone Hit8a, the OKT8 antibody will not block binding of RPA-T8 or Hit8a.

Name violetFluor™ 500 Anti-Human CD8a (OKT8)
Cat. No. 85-0086
Clone OKT8
Isotype Mouse IgG2a
Reactivity Human
Format violetFluor™ 500
Application Flow Cytometry
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