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Cytek® Amnis® CellStream® benchtop flow cytometry systems are highly-customizable, compact flow cytometers that use our patented time delay integration charge-coupled device (TDI CCD) camera technology for detection, offering exceptional sensitivity for studying small particles. Combined with intuitive software and high-throughput acquisition, Amnis CellStream systems allow you to resolve complex cell populations and view cells as they are analyzed in real time—making quality control and obtaining consistent results easier than ever.​

The fully configurable CellStream system enables you to obtain reproducible, multi-parametric, single-cell data for a wide variety of applications.


Unparalleled Sensitivity

With up to 7 fluorescent lasers, the CellStream has molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome (MESF) of <10 for FITC and <5 for PE


Optimize your instrument to fit your needs with 1 to 7 lasers—upgrades are easily performed in the lab with no downtime.

Patented Optics Technology

TDI CCD camera technology rapidly captures cell images and transforms them into high-throughput intensity data.

Designed for Seamless Integration and Improved Cytometry Workflows​​

CellStream flow cytometry systems enable walkaway sample handling for high-throughput assays. Mixing across the entire 96 well plate ensures cells stay in suspension during sampling. The sample probe is washed between samples with on-board fluidics to prevent carryover, eliminating contamination between samples.


Cytek® Amnis® CellStream® Specifications

Parameter Performance
Fluorescence Sensitivity



CV* (Precision) <3%
Number of Channels Up to 22 (20 Fluorescent, plus FSC and SSC)
Number of Lasers 1-7
Available Lasers 375, 405, 488, 532, 561, 642, 730 nm
Camera-Enabled Morphology Parameters 3 (Area; Aspect Ratio; Raw Max Pixel)
Event Rate 20,000 Cells/Sec
Flow Rates

3.66 µL/Min (Low-Speed/High-Sensitivity)

14.64 µL/Min (High-Speed)

Scatter Resolution

FSC <300 nm Using 450 nm LED

SSC <200 nm Using 785 nm Laser

Dynamic Range 7 Decades
System Size 440 mm x 625 mm x 495 mm
Field Upgradable Yes
Sample Formats Single Tube or 96-Well Plate
Absolute Cell Counting Yes

*Coefficient of Variation Using Chicken Erythrocyte Nuclei (CEN)

Compatible With Many Common Fluorochromes and Fluorescent Reagents

Thoughtful laser and detector selection ensures that CellStream instruments are compatible with familiar and trusted fluorophores, as well as many of the newer dyes that offer advantages, such as increased brightness and photo-stability.

High Fluorescence Sensitivity: 8-Peak Rainbow Beads
The fluorescence sensitivity of the CellStream flow cytometry platform was evaluated using industry standard 8-peak Spherotech rainbow calibration beads. The data demonstrate high fluorescence sensitivity of the CellStream system:​
  • All eight peaks are clearly resolved on every detection channel​
  • Low MESF values are determined​
  • MESF <10 FITC; MESF <5 PE

Superior Small, Submicron Particle Detection: Size Bead Data

Size bead data demonstrates superior detection and discrimination of small particles on the CellStream platform.

The figures show acquisition of ApogeeMix containing silica spheres with diameters of 180 nm, 240 nm, 300 nm, 590 nm, 880 nm, and 1,300 nm. This mix also contains 80 nm, 110 nm, and 500 nm green fluorescent beads.


The CellStream® system offers field upgradeable options for a configuration customized to your experiments.

  • Up to 7 lasers 375 nm, 405 nm, 488 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm, 642 nm and 730 nm​
  • All systems include a 488 nm laser and autosampler

Master Bead Lot Files for Calibration
Cytek® Amnis® CellStream® CS-110107E GAN01: 06/21/2021
Cytek® Amnis® CellStream® CS-110607E-Rev2 GAL01: 10/08/2020
Cytek® Amnis® CellStream® CS-Factory-110107E GAM01: 06/11/2020
Cytek® Amnis® CellStream® Master Lot No. 110107-E Lot No. GAN02
Cytek® Amnis® CellStream® Master Lot No. 110107-E Lot No. GAN03
Cytek® Amnis® CellStream® Master Lot No. 110107-E Lot No. GAN04

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.