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Why is Infectious Diseaase Research Important?

The 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic was a brutal demonstration of the devastating impacts that infectious diseases can have on human health and economic stability. In order to develop effective treatments, scientists around the world have united to evaluate and understand how the SARS-CoV-2 virus impacts the immune system and why some individuals respond more severely than others.

There are many infectious diseases, such as Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and Zika, that continue to challenge human health, with certainly more to emerge. Providing scientists with powerful, capable research solutions promote the development of new treatments to effectively battle the constantly evolving infectious disease landscape.

Cytek Solutions Enable the World’s Most Cutting Edge Infectious Disease Research.

Explore the case study below to see how.
Case Study

COVID-19 Research at Institut Gustave Roussy

At the Institut Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus in France, researchers like Dr. Aymeric Sylvain are looking for fast, reliable ways to predict a patient’s response to diseases like COVID-19 and find appropriate treatment targets to improve patient outcomes. To understand why some COVID-19 patients develop severe respiratory distress requiring hospitalization while others do not, a blood sample from each patient is collected and evaluated at the cellular and genetic level within a few hours.

Aymeric and his team of researchers rely on the Cytek® Aurora’s technologies to generate well resolved high parameter data. This data is further visualized with analysis tools like UMAP. Cell frequencies and calprotectin gene expression level results predict if the patient will have a mild, moderate, or severe reaction to the virus, and targeted care and treatment are provided.

For more information about this research, read Aymeric’s publication.

Research Workflow

The Cytek Aurora is key in step 2 of Aymeric’s research process, in which it is used to measure cell frequencies, phenotypes and functional changes.
Case Study

Tuberculosis Research

Carole Chedid, Ph.D., uses the Cytek® Aurora for immunomonitoring of infectious disease and treatment of tuberculosis. In this 20-minute video, learn why immunomonitoring is needed for tuberculosis treatment, learn what an immunomonitoring worfkflow looks like and see examples of high-quality flow cytometry data.

Case Study

Influenza Research at Washington University

The seasonal influenza virus is a rapidly evolving virus and continues to threaten human health. Developing effective vaccines against it each year is an ongoing battle for vaccine developers. At professor Ali Ellebedy’s lab at Washington University, Dr. Ellebedy and his team investigate B cell responses after influenza vaccination with the goal of improving antibody response from influenza vaccines.

In one of Dr. Ellebedy’s team’s recent studies of germinal center reactions in humans before and after influenza vaccination, they evaluated blood and lymph node samples with the Cytek® Aurora and single cell RNA sequencing technologies. They found that influenza vaccination of humans can elicit a germinal center reaction, which means a more protective antibody response against the disease. Read the full details in this publication.

Research Workflow

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