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Cytek® Training Services

Cytek® training is performed in your lab, with your equipment. Cytek® offers flow labs training services in the areas of:
  • Basic flow cytometry theory
  • Proper setup, QC, and use of flow cytometers
  • Flow cytometer user maintenance
  • Software Use

Basic Flow Cytometry Training

Our on-site training course includes training on topics such as:
  • A description of flow cytometry, and common applications
  • A tour of the instrumentation and all of its components
  • The components of a flow cytometer and how they work
  • Instrument set up, instrument settings for data acquisition and storage
  • Instrument calibration, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • An introduction to data acquisition and analysis software (Cellquest or FlowJo Collector's Edition)
  • Fluorescence and compensation
Request a Demo or a Quote