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Cytek Customer Education Services

Our two-part educational program includes a mix of interactive presentations and exercises covering the following topics:
  • Spectral flow cytometry fundamentals
  • Reference control considerations
  • Panel design and best practices
  • Data analysis fundamentals
  • Instrument overview
  • Instrument operation and general maintenance
  • Software overview and experimental workflow
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Data management recommendations
  • Introduction to useful tools and resources

Part 1: Training Lecture

Our training lecture is offered online in a series of three 2 hours sessions. This will allow you to have more flexibility during your work week. These sessions are offered weekly.

Each session is interactive, and we encourage full participation through a series of exercises, polls, and discussions during the lectures.

Part 2: Hands-on Instrument Training

Instrument training accommodates a maximum of 2 students per instrument purchase. Class size is kept small. This ensures that everyone has time on the instrument and enables personal attention from the instructor.

Training takes place at one of our Customer Training Centers:
Fremont, California, United States; Bethesda, Maryland, United States; Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Students receive a comprehensive introduction to the instrument and the software with dedicated time to run samples under the valuable guidance of the instructor.