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The Cytek Orion reagent cocktail preparation system enables researchers to fully automate the preparation of antibody cocktails for flow cytometry. With the ability to concoct cocktails comprising of up to 60 individual antibodies, hands-on time is saved, allowing for increased efficiency and accuracy in the lab.

The Cytek Orion reagent cocktail preparation system features:

  • Robust, reliable cocktail preparation that eliminates potential user errors and pipetting mistakes
  • Fast cocktail preparation that saves precious time in the lab
  • A robotic interface that allows for a decrease in repetitive motion from pipetting multi-color panels
  • Cooling and light protection to keep reagents stable

Cytek® Orion
Cytek® Orion

Cytek Orion Reagent Cocktail Preparation System Workflow

The workflow to set up the Cytek Orion system for a pre-defined or new cocktail recipe is designed to be straightforward and simple. The Cytek Orion software, SpectroPrep, follows the conventions of Cytek SpectroFlo® software for familiarity and ease of use. A wizard guides users through adding reagents to the library, creating reagent deck settings, and creating cocktail recipes that can be saved and reused. This information can also be uploaded from a CSV file format.

During cocktail preparation, the software will show you the status of the worklist with indicators of tip usage and steps completed or in process.

Feature Description Specification
System Performance Carryover 0%

10-19 μL, ±20% by volume,

20-200 μL, ±7% by volume


10-19 μL, %CV <15%,

20-200 μL, %CV <5%

Throughput Average of <30 seconds/tip, withdraw 50 μL
Sample and Reagent Volumes Antibodies Cytek standard 0.5 mL and 2.0 mL reagent vials
Buffers 10 mL bottle
Sample Tube Capacity< - 5 mL and 15 mL tubes, up to 3
Reagent Blocks - 60 positions to fit Cytek standard reagent vials
Weight - 70 kg
Dimensions W x D x H (mm)

660 mm x 555 mm x 590 mm

1080 mm x 555 mm x 590 mm with screen expanded

Power Source - 110 V - 240 V AC
Environment Operating Temperature 15°C to 28°C
Operating Relative Humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing
Noise Level 65 dBA
PN Description
N7-00120 Cytek Orion Reagent Cocktail Preparation System
N0-10172 Cytek Orion Nature, Low Retention 200 μL tips
N0-10213 Cytek Orion Nature, Pre-Sterilized, Low Retention 200 μL tips
N0-10214 Cytek Orion Nature, Filtered, Pre-Sterilized, Low Retention 200 μL tips