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C57Bl/6 splenocytes were stained with FITC Anti-Mouse CD3e (35-0031) and 0.25 ug violetFluor™ 450 Anti-Mouse CD90.2 (75-0903) (right panel) or 0.25 ug violetFluor™ 450 Rat IgG2b isotype control (left panel).

violetFluor™ 450 Anti-Mouse CD90.2 (30-H12)

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The 30-H12 antibody reacts with mouse CD90.2 (Thy1.2). CD90.2 is a strain-specific allelic form of the GPI-linked membrane associated protein CD90 and is involved in adhesion and signal transduction. CD90.2 is expressed on thymocytes, mature T cells and neurons in mouse strains that express the CD90.2 allele (BALB/c, CBA, C3H, C57BL/6, SJL and others). 30-H12 does not react with the CD90.1 allele expressed in mouse strains such as PL and AKR.

Name violetFluor™ 450 Anti-Mouse CD90.2 (30-H12)
Cat. No. 75-0903
Clone 30-H12
Isotype Rat IgG2b
Reactivity Mouse
Format violetFluor™ 450
Application Flow Cytometry
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