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VerityMAX™ DNA Polymerase Master Mix

VerityMAX™ DNA Polymerase Master Mix

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VerityMAX™ DNA Polymerase Master Mix contains a proprietary blend of our VerityPfu™ and Classic++™ Hot Start Taq DNA polymerases, engineered and optimized specifically for generating amplicons of up to 35 kb in length with 2.5x higher fidelity than standard Taq polymerase. Hot start technology improves yields by minimizing or eliminating primer dimer formation and non-specific amplification. Resultant PCR products are both A-tailed and blunt-end finished. This enzyme is ideal for a wide variety of fast or standard PCR protocols when additional speed, sensitivity, specificity and yields are desired. Use VerityMAX DNA Polymerase Master Mix to accurately and reliably amplify DNA from complex GC/AT rich genomic DNA, plasmid templates and crude samples. It is great for multiplexing and colony PCR. VerityMAX is your solution for long-range or difficult PCR.
Name VerityMAX™ DNA Polymerase Master Mix
Cat. No. 31-5031
Application PCR
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