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Purified Anti-Mouse CD45 (30-F11)

Purified Anti-Mouse CD45 (30-F11)

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The 30-F11 antibody reacts with mouse CD45, which is one of the most abundant hematopoietic markers and is expressed on all leukocytes (the Leukocyte Common Antigen, LCA). CD45 is a protein tyrosine phosphatase existing in several isoforms, each being generated and expressed in cell-specific patterns. With its broad cell distribution, CD45 is critical for many leukocyte functions, regulating signal transduction and cell activation associated with the T cell receptor, B cell receptor, and IL-2 receptor. Other forms of CD45, with restricted cellular expression, include CD45R (B220), CD45RA, CD45RB, CD45RO and others.

The 30-F11 antibody is widely used as a leukocyte marker for B cells, T cell subsets and NK cell subsets.

Recent Publications:

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Liao W, Pham V, Liu L, Riazifar M, Pone EJ, Zhang SX, Ma F, Lu M, Walsh CM and Zhao W. 2015. Biomaterials. doi:10.1016/j.biomaterials.2015.11.005 (IHCF, ICC)

Name Purified Anti-Mouse CD45 (30-F11)
Cat. No. 70-0451
Alternative Names Leukocyte Common Antigen, LCA, Ly-5
Gene ID 19264
Clone 30-F11
Isotype Rat IgG2b, κ
Reactivity Mouse
Format Purified
Application Flow Cytometry, IF, IHCP, IP, Western Blot
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