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C57Bl/6 splenocytes were stained with 0.25 ug PerCP-Cy5.5 Anti-Mouse CD4 (65-0042) (solid line) or 0.25 ug PerCP-Cy5.5 Rat IgG2a isotype control (dashed line).

PerCP-Cyanine5.5 Anti-Mouse CD4 (RM4-5)

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The RM4-5 antibody reacts with mouse CD4, a 55 kDa protein which acts as a co-receptor for the T cell receptor (TCR) in its interaction with MHC Class II molecules on antigen-presenting cells. The extracellular domain of CD4 binds to the beta2-domain of MHC Class II, while its cytoplasmic tail provides a binding site for the tyrosine kinase lck, facilitating the signaling cascade that initiates T cell activation. CD4 is typically expressed on thymocytes, certain mature T cell populations such as Th17 and T regulatory (Treg) cells, as well as on dendritic cells.

The RM4-5 antibody is widely used as a phenotypic marker for CD4 expression. If used together, the RM4-5 antibody and an alternative antibody, Anti-Mouse CD4 clone GK1.5, will “compete” for binding, i.e. RM4-5 antibody is able to block GK1.5 antibody binding to cells. In contrast, RM4-5 antibody does not block the binding of Anti-Mouse CD4 clone RM4-4 to cells.

Recent Publications:

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» View on The Journal of Immunology

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Name PerCP-Cyanine5.5 Anti-Mouse CD4 (RM4-5)
Cat. No. 65-0042
Alternative Names L3T4, T4
Gene ID 12504
Clone RM4-5
Isotype Rat IgG2a, κ
Reactivity Mouse
Format PerCP-Cyanine5.5
Application Flow Cytometry
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