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C57Bl/6 bone marrow cells were stained with 0.06 ug PE Anti-Mouse Ly-6G (50-5931) (solid line) or 0.06 ug PE Rat IgG2b isotype control (dashed line).

PE Anti-Mouse Ly-6G/Ly-6C (Gr-1) (RB6-8C5)

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The RB6-8C5 antibody binds to mouse Ly-6G/Ly-6C, commonly known as Gr-1, a member of the Ly-6 superfamily of GPI-anchored cell surface proteins with roles in cell signaling and cell adhesion. Gr-1 is differentially expressed during development and maturation of cells in the myeloid lineage and is expressed at varying stages and levels on monocytes, macrophages, granulocytes, and peripheral neutrophils.

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Name PE Anti-Mouse Ly-6G (Gr-1) (RB6-8C5)
Cat. No. 50-5931
Alternative Names Gr1, Ly6G
Gene ID 17067
Clone RB6-8C5
Isotype Rat IgG2b, κ
Reactivity Mouse
Format PE
Application Flow Cytometry
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