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Mouse Fas Ligand tranfected cells were stained with 0.25 ug PE Anti-Mouse CD178 (50-5911) (solid line) or 0.25 ug PE Armenian Hamster IgG isotype control (dashed line).

PE Anti-Mouse CD178 (MFL3)

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The MFL3 monoclonal antibody reacts with mouse CD178, a 40 kD member type-II transmembrane protein and member of the TNF family of proteins. CD178 is also known as Fas ligand, FasL, Apo-1 ligand, and CD95 ligand. CD178 is expressed on activated T cells and and natural killer (NK) cells and also tissue at immune privileged sites such as the eye and testis. FasL interacts with its receptor CD95 (Fas) to initiate apoptotic cell death and is thought to play a role in T cell development, immune response regulation, and cell-mediated cytotoxic responses. This MFL3 clone has been reported to block CD178/CD96 induced apoptosis.

Name PE Anti-Mouse CD178 (MFL3)
Cat. No. 50-5911
Alternative Names 50-5911, 50-5911-U025. 50-5911-U100, MFL3, CD178, Pe, Anti-Mouse
Clone MFL3
Isotype Arm Ham IgG
Reactivity Mouse
Format PE
Application Flow Cytometry
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