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Muse<sup>®</sup> Count & Viability Kit 200X

Muse® Count & Viability Kit 200X


The Muse® Count & Viability kit 200X was developed for absolute cell count and viability determination of difficult cell samples. It is designed to address the need for a compatible reagent for non-mammalian cell lines, such as SF-9 insect cells. These cells prefer significantly lower pH and higher osmolarity than mammalian cells for optimal viability. The reagent contains the same fluorescent DNA-binding dyes used in the Muse Count & Viability kit, but in a highly concentrated formulation. These dyes have differential permeability to viable and non-viable cells, and provide absolute cell count and viability data on cell suspensions from a variety of cultured cell lines. Both viable and non-viable cells are differentially stained based on their permeability to the DNA-binding dyes in the reagent. Data generated using the Guava® Muse® cell analyzer with the Muse software provides:

  • Viable cell count (cells/mL)
  • Total cell count (cells/mL)
  • Percentage viability of sample

The Muse Count & Viability kit 200X allows you to assess a greater variety of cell types on the Muse cell analyzer. You can also use it to prepare a custom formulation of a reagent in a buffer or medium compatible with your unique cell line.


Application:        Flow Cytometry

Storage:               See Documentation


Recommended Staining Protocol



For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.