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In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Mouse IL-10 (JES5-2A5)

In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Mouse IL-10 (JES5-2A5)

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The JES5-2A5 antibody is specific for mouse IL-10. IL-10 has numerous biological activities including the ability to inhibit both the synthesis of Th1 cytokines and proliferation of T cells. In the mouse, IL-10 is produced by phagocytic cells, conventional dendritic, cells, T cells, B cells, and NK cells. The JES5-2A5 antibody is a neutralizing antibody.

Name In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Mouse IL-10 (JES5-2A5)
Cat. No. 40-7102
Data Sheets TDS | SDS
Alternative Names Interleukin-10, IL10
Clone JES5-2A5
Isotype Rat IgG1, kappa
Reactivity Mouse
Format In Vivo Ready™
Application FC - Validated
FA - Reported in literature, not validated in house

For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.

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