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In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Human CD28 (CD28.6)

In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Human CD28 (CD28.6)

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The CD28.6 antibody reacts with human CD28, a 44 kDa type I surface glycoprotein which acts as a co-stimulatory receptor in support of the T cell receptor (TCR). CD28 exists as a homodimer with specificity for two known ligands, known as B7-1 (CD80) and B7-2 (CD86), which are expressed on activated B cells and antigen-presenting cells. These ligands trigger CD28 signaling in concert with TCR activation to drive T cell proliferation, induce high-level expression of IL-2, impart resistance to apoptosis, and enhance T cell cytotoxicity. The interaction / co-stimulatory signaling between ≥ ≥ ≥ the B7 ligands and CD28 provides crucial communication between ≥ ≥ ≥ T cells and B cells or APCs to coordinate the adaptive immune response. The CD28.6 antibody is reported to have neutralizing activity and is also useful for western blotting.

Name In Vivo Ready™ Anti-Human CD28 (CD28.6)
Cat. No. 40-0288
Data Sheets TDS | SDS
Alternative Names T44
Gene ID 940
Clone CD28.6
Isotype Mouse IgG2a, κ
Reactivity Human
Cross Reactivity Human
Format FITC
Application FC - Validated
FA, WB - Reported in literature, not validated in house

For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.

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