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Guava<sup>®</sup> ViaCount™  Flex Reagent

Guava® ViaCount™ Flex Reagent


The Guava® ViaCount™ Flex reagent was developed to expand the number of cell types that can be stained and quantified with the ViaCount reagents. The original ViaCount reagent was formulated for rapid and easy viability assessment and counting of mammalian cells, but the ViaCount Flex reagent has been specifically formulated to enable discrimination and counting of viable and nonviable cells in a variety of challenging cell samples.

Using as little as 2 µL of sample, the ViaCount Flex reagent provides the following:

  • Total absolute cell counts
  • Viability counts and percentages
  • Apoptotic percentages and counts


Application:        Flow Cytometry

Storage:              See Documentation


Recommended Staining Protocol

For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.