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Guava<sup>®</sup> Histone H2A.X Dual Detection Kit

Guava® Histone H2A.X Dual Detection Kit

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The Guava® Histone H2A.X Dual Detection kit includes an anti-phospho-Histone H2A.X (Ser139)-Alexa Fluor® 488 conjugated antibody to measure levels of Histone H2A.X. This kit was designed to detect the extent of Histone H2A.X pathway activation by measuring H2A.X phosphorylation in any given cell population. The kit provides a sensitive and valuable tool to study the factors that induce DNA damage and affect DNA repair, allowing for exploration of the linkage between DNA damage, cell cycle checkpoints, and initiation of apoptosis.

Understanding when double strand breaks (DSBs) take place can help researchers understand the mechanisms involved in DNA repair and the DNA damage response. Ionizing radiation (IR) and many chemotherapeutic agents kill cancer cells by induction of DNA DSBs. Several reports show that the level of gamma-H2A.X as detected by flow cytometry correlates with the number of DNA strand breaks. H2A.X phosphorylates in response to a DNA damaging reagent, or UV light, and its activation clearly indicates that DSBs have occurred.

The antibody provided in this kit has been carefully titrated to ensure the ability to measure phospho-Histone H2A.X for accurate determination of protein activation.


Application:        Flow Cytometry

Storage:              See Documentation


Recommended Staining Protocol

For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.

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