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Mouse splenocytes were stimulated overnight with PMA and ionomycin and stained with Ghost Dye™ Red 710. Viable gate is indicated.

Ghost Dye™ Red 710

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Ghost Dye™ Red 710 is an amine reactive viability dye that can be used to discriminate viable from non-viable mammalian cells in flow cytometry applications. This dye irreversibly binds free amines available on the cell surface as well as intracellular free amines exposed in cells with compromised cell membranes. Necrotic cells with compromised membranes will react with significantly more Ghost Dye™ Red 710 dye than viable cells in the same sample and therefore will exhibit much greater fluorescence intensity allowing exclusion of these cells from analysis.

Recent Publications:

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Rita Kansal, Noah Richardson, Indira Neeli, Saleem Khawaja, Damian Chamberlain, Marium Ghani, Qurat-ul-ain Ghani, Louisa Balazs, Sarka Beranova-Giorgianni, Francesco Giorgianni, James N. Kochenderfer, Tony Marion, Lorraine M. Albritton, Marko Radic. Sustained B cell depletion by CD19-targeted CAR T cells is a highly effective treatment for murine lupus. Sci Transl Med. 2019 Mar 6;11(482). pii: eaav1648. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aav1648

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Name Ghost Dye™ Red 710
Cat. No. 13-0871
Protocol Download Protocol
Excitation Laser Red (633-647 nm)
Emission (nm) 710
Formulation 1 µL/test in DMSO
Application Flow Cytometry
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