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Foxp3 / Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Kit

Foxp3 / Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Kit

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Tonbo Biosciences Foxp3 / Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Kit contains specially formulated buffers and solutions for optimal resolution and low background in your analysis of nuclear antigens by flow cytometry. Included are the following components, to be used during staining protocols for detection of nuclear antigens such as Foxp3 and ROR gamma.

Foxp3 / Transcription Factor Fix/Perm Concentrate (4X) (Cat. No. TNB-1020-L050): 50 mL. A concentrated solution which, when diluted with Foxp3 / Transcription Factor Fix/Perm Diluent (1X) (cat. no. TNB-1022-L160), provide best results during intracellular staining of transcription factors using fluorescently conjugated antibodies.

Foxp3 / Transcription Factor Fix/Perm Diluent (1X) (Cat. No. TNB-1022-L160): 160 mL. Intended for use as a diluent for Foxp3 / Transcription Factor Fix/Perm Concentrate (4X)

Flow Cytometry Perm Buffer (10X) (Cat. No. TNB-1213-L150): 150 mL. Provided as a concentrate which, when diluted with distilled water to a 1X solution, provide best results during intracellular staining of cytokines and other cytoplasmic antigens, by maintaining membrane permeabilization throughout staining and washing steps.


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Name Foxp3 / Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Kit
Cat. No. TNB-0607
Protocol Foxp3 / Transcription Factor (Nuclear) Staining Protocol
Application Flow Cytometry
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