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Cytek® FSP™ CompBeads

Cytek® FSP™ CompBeads

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FSP™ CompBeads are state-of-the-art hydrogels that match the scatter of lymphocyte populations and capture mouse, rat, and hamster immunoglobulins. FSP™ CompBeads mimic the fluorescence spectra of stained cells when stained with fluorescent conjugated antibodies.

Reactivity:      Mouse, rat, hamster IgG and IgM

Volume Per Test:  1 drop / test. Each drop contains approximately 1x105 beads.

Application:         Flow Cytometry

Storage:               2-8°C and protected from light. Do not freeze.

Formulation:       FSP™ CompBeads are hydrogels that are suspended in an aqueous solution containing BSA (Origin USA) and packaged in a convenient dropper bottle. The suspension contains approximately equal amounts of positive and negative FSP™ CompBeads.

Data Sheets:  TDS SDS


Fluorescent conjugated antibody stained FSP™ CompBeads are intended as reference controls to match the spectral signature of single staining of real cells. Staining the capture beads yields distinct positive and negative (background fluorescence) fluorescence populations that can be used in calculating spill over matrix for unmix in spectral flow cytometer. For best results, it is recommended to carry an unstained FSP™ CompBeads tube to serve as negative in spillover calculation.



Figure 1. Gating and detection of FSP™ CompBeads


A. Gate on scatter population of FSP™ CompBeads.

B. Histogram plot for FSP™ CompBeads stained with cFluor® R720 anti-human CD4, showing the positive and negative peaks.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.

Cytek® FSP™ CompBeads are developed and manufactured by Slingshot Biosciences, Inc., Emeryville, CA. Cytek® is a registered trademark of Cytek Biosciences, Inc. FSP™ is a trademark of Cytek Biosciences, Inc.


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