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CYBRFast™ qPCR Hi-ROX Master Mix

CYBRFast™ qPCR Hi-ROX Master Mix

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CYBRFast™ qPCR Hi-ROX Master Mix is a ready-to-use cocktail for the amplification and detection of DNA on real-time instruments that support normalization with a standard ROX passive reference dye at a final concentration of ≥ 500 nM. It reliably delivers enhanced fluorescence, speed, sensitivity and linearity. Tonbo’s proprietary CYBRFast™ GREEN DNA intercalating dye does not inhibit PCR, resulting in better fluorescent signals than other dyes, and is optimized for use with CYBRFast™ Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase. Novel hot start technology prevents primer dimer formation and non-specific amplification resulting in higher yields and specificity. Advanced buffer chemistry means little to no protocol optimization, regardless of template. Use Tonbo’s CYBRFast qPCR Master Mixes in real-time applications for improved signal to noise ratios, rapid extension rates for early Ct values, and enhanced sensitivity.This mix is ideal for high-throughput qPCR, and can be used with a variety of complex targets including genomic, cDNA and viral sequences. Please refer to our Instrument Compatibility Guide to ensure you have the correct ROX concentration for your system.
Name CYBRFast™ qPCR Hi-ROX Master Mix
Cat. No. 31-5102
Application PCR
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