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Classic++™ 1-Step RT-PCR Kit

Classic++™ 1-Step RT-PCR Kit

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The Classic++™ 1-Step RT-PCR Kit’s advanced reagents allow for efficient cDNA synthesis and PCR in a single tube. The kit contains a proprietary M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase (RT) molecule blended with an optimized RNase inhibitor, a mix that is both thermostable and extremely active. This RTase mix synthesizes cDNA at a temperature range of 45–55°C, providing increased specificity, higher yields of cDNA, and more full-length product than other reverse transcriptases. For the PCR reaction, Classic++™ Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase is included. Novel hot start technology improves yields by minimizing or eliminating primer dimer formation and non-specific amplification. Our convenient RT-PCR kit formulation allows for high speed, accurate and reproducible cDNA synthesis and subsequent PCR amplification in a single tube, starting from a variety of target RNA templates.
Name Classic++™ 1-Step RT-PCR Kit
Cat. No. 31-5220
Application PCR
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