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C57Bl/6 splenocytes were stained with APC MHC CLass II and 0.03 ug Biotin Anti-Mouse CD11c (30-0114) (right panel) or 0.03 ug Biotin Armenian hamster IgG isotype control (left panel), followed by Streptavidin PE.

Biotin Anti-Mouse CD11c (N418)

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The N418 antibody reacts with mouse CD11c, also known as integrin αalpha X. This 150 kDa cell surface glycoprotein is part of a family of integrin αreceptors that mediate adhesion between ≥ ≥ ≥ cells (cell-cell) and components of the extracellular matrix, e.g. fibrinogen (cell-matrix). In addition, integrin αs are active signaling receptors which recruit leukocytes to inflammatory sites and promote cell activation. Complete, functional integrin αreceptors consist of distinct combinations of integrin αchains which are differentially expressed. integrin αalpha X (CD11c) assembles with integrin αbeta-2 (CD18) into a receptor complex known as CR4 which can bind and induce signaling through ICAMs and VCAM-1 on endothelial cells and can also facilitate removal of iC3b bearing foreign cells.

The N418 antibody is widely used as a marker for CD11c expression on dendritic cells (DC), often in parallel with markers for CD11b, for identification of developmental stages and mature subsets of this cell type. CD11c is prominently expressed on tissue macrophages, and is also detected on some types of activated T cells and intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes (IEL).

Recent Publications:

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Name Biotin Anti-Mouse CD11c (N418)
Cat. No. 30-0114
Alternative Names p150, integrin α?X, Itgax, CR4
Gene ID 16411
Clone N418
Isotype Armenian Hamster IgG
Reactivity Mouse
Format Biotin
Application Flow Cytometry
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