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Human peripheral blood lymphocytes were stained with FITC Anti-Human CD19 (35-0199) and 5 uL (0.25 ug) APC Anti-Human CD40 (20-0410) (right panel) or 0.25 ug APC Mouse IgG1 isotype control (left panel).

APC Anti-Human CD40 (G28.5)

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The G28.5 antibody reacts with human CD40, a 45-48 kDa glycoprotein that is a member of the TNFReceptor superfamily. CD40 is expressed on B cells, follicular dendritic cells, macrophages, endothelial cells, and fibroblasts. CD40 functions as a receptor for CD154 (CD40 ligand) and mediates a wide variety of immune and inflammatory responses including co-stimulation, B cell differentiation, isotype class switching, and germinal center formation.

Name APC Anti-Human CD40 (G28.5)
Cat. No. 20-0410
Alternative Names TNFRSF5
Gene ID 958
Clone G28.5
Isotype Mouse IgG1, kappa
Reactivity Human
Format APC
Application Flow Cytometry
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