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Human peripheral blood monocytes were stained with 5 uL (0.25 ug) APC Anti-Human CD14 (20-0149) (solid line) or 0.25 ug APC Mouse IgG1 isotype control (dashed line).

APC Anti-Human CD14 (61D3)

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The 61D3 antibody is specific for human CD14, a 53-55 kDa GPI-anchored glycoprotein. CD14 is highly expressed on monocytes and to a lesser extent on interfollicular macrophages, and some dendritic cells. Together with LPS-Binding Protein (LBP), CD14 binds to and mediates the innate immune response to bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS).


Recent Citations:

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Name APC Anti-Human CD14 (61D3)
Cat. No. 20-0149
Alternative Names LPS-R, Mo2
Gene ID 929
Clone 61D3
Isotype Mouse IgG1, kappa
Reactivity Human
Format APC
Application Flow Cytometry
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