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This is Where Your Vision Begins.

The new reality is now at work – in labs all over the world. In this new reality, scientific breakthroughs happen one discovery at a time. Deeper insights are obtained from a single sample. Unique, affordable, advanced flow cytometry solutions uncover the full spectrum of possibilities.

Our newest series of advanced flow cytometry systems, Cytek Northern Lights, was designed to make these advantages a reality for more scientists. Northern Lights offers a value-added package with capabilities that go beyond flow cytometry systems with a much higher price tag.

Are you ready to see things in a whole new light?

Priced more competitively than conventional 3-laser flow cytometers while offering more than 20 colors – Northern Lights opens the door to a wider breadth of discoveries.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Extraordinary Price/Performance Ratio
  • Up to 20+ Colors with 3 lasers
  • Reagent and Application Flexibility
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Easily Resolved Dim and Rare Populations
  • One Optical Configuration
  • Intuitive Workflow
  • Upgradeable from 1 Laser to 3 Lasers
  • Optional Automatic Plate Sampler

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