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This is Where Your Vision Begins.

The new reality is now at work – in labs all over the world. In this new reality, scientific breakthroughs happen one discovery at a time. Deeper insights are obtained from a single sample. Unique, affordable, advanced flow cytometry solutions uncover the full spectrum of possibilities.

Both of our advanced flow cytometry systems, Cytek® Northern Lights and Cytek® Aurora, were designed to make these advantages a reality for more scientists. Both Northern Lights and Aurora offer a value-added package with capabilities that go beyond systems with a much higher price tag.

Are you ready to see things in a whole new light?

Northern Lights and Aurora open the door to a wider breadth of discoveries.

  • Upgradeable:
    • Cytek Northern Lights: from one laser/nine colors to three lasers/24+ colors
    • Cytek Aurora: from three lasers/24+ colors to five lasers/30+ colors
  • No changing optical filters for any fluorochrome
  • Use any fluorochrome excited by the onboard lasers
  • Sensitivity redefined via state-of-the-art technologies
  • Superb resolution of dim and rare populations

...and much more.

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We can't wait to see what you discover!

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