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The First and Only Spectral Cell Sorter and Analyzer Made for Each Other

The Cytek Aurora CS system is the only cell sorter on the market with a matched full spectrum analyzer. All the advantages of Full Spectrum Profiling (FSP) technology that researchers value on the Cytek Aurora analyzer, from multicolor capabilities to assay flexibility to autofluorescence extraction, are now combined with high-performance cell sorting. The Cytek Aurora CS system is built on the same FSP technology as the Cytek Aurora analyzer, expanding the full spectrum ecosystem that will revolutionize the way that you do research.

  • Unlock advanced insights and comprehensive understanding through high-dimensional analysis and cell sorting
  • Seamlessly transfer assays from the Aurora cell analyzer to the Aurora CS system and resolve the same populations without modifying your panels or optical configuration
  • Analyze and isolate rare populations of interest for downstream applications
  • Advanced features to handle autofluorescence to improve resolution and sorting performance of challenging samples
  • Save time and resources without starting your sorting experiments from scratch

Combining the benefits of FSP technology with advanced sorting capabilities provides scientists with increased flexibility in panel design, enhances efficiency with single-tube assays, and delivers the capability to sort populations that you would not otherwise be able to see. Achieve more with this synergistic spectral duo!

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