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Quality Control Program

Check your cytometer's light collection efficiency (Q) and background noise (b) contribution to the resolution limit (R) for detecting dim populations.

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Cytek's QbSure® System Keeps You Up To Date On Your Cytometer's Performance

By using Cytek's validation beads and our innovative QbSure® performance tracking software, you can feel confident that your cytometer is performing consistently.

QbSure® Features

Multi-peak QbSure® beads
  • Less than $0.75 per test
  • Familiar multi-peak format
  • One bead excites with all flow cytometry lasers
  • Long-term stability at room temperature
Calculates absolute Q, b, and R
  • Resolution limit calculations
  • Allows for day-to-day cytometer performance tracking
  • Provides values for comparing performance between cytometers
  • Compatible with many other cytometer models and configurations
Fast and easy to use
  • Simply run the bead and analyze using QbSure® software.
  • Less than 5 minutes from beads to validation report.

The Only QC Tool That Provides Resolution Information

Parameter Evaluated Metric QbSure® Competitor's QC Solution 8-Peak Beads
Laser alignment %rCV done done done
Detector efficiency Q done done
Optical noise b done done
Resolution limit R done

QbSure® R Value Predicts Assay Performance

Cells were stained with a PE Cy7 labeled antibody binding a low level of expression antigen (625 molecules/cell). Cells were run in three different cytometers, and in each one, the setup was optimized to maximize resolution.

R Value comparison using 8 Peak Beads

R Value: Resolution limit, or ‘R’, quantifies the number of dye molecules needed to resolve a dim population from the background. Low ‘R’ values indicate better performance.

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