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The Power to Reveal

The Cytek® Aurora and Cytek® Northern Lights cell analysis technology enables scientists to see more highly resolved and multiplexed data than ever before. The Aurora comes with up to 5 lasers and has the ability to see up to 40 colors from a single tube. The Northern Lights can have as few as 1 or up to 3 lasers and has the ability to see over 24 colors with the 3 laser system. Both the Aurora and Northern Lights can capture and extract autofluorescence.

Aurora and Northern Lights Cell Analysis Technology

How do Aurora and Northern Lights differ from other platforms, and what is unique about its technology? Read this short paper, Spectral Analysis Meets Flow Cytometry, to learn how applying spectral analysis to fluorescence-based cytometry data is rapidly changing how cell analysis is done.

What Does it Cost to Own an Aurora or Northern Lights Cytometer?

Aurora and Northern Lights take multiplexing in fluorescence-based flow cytometry applications to a whole new level. Read Cytek's white paper on Cost of Ownership to understand initial, maintenance, service, and operational costs.

Success with Autofluorescent Samples

Aurora and Northern Lights technology combined with SpectroFlo software's intuitive workflows make working with autofluorescent samples easy. See examples of how capturing and extracting a sample's natural autofluorescent signal can improve resolution in challenging multicolor applications.

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