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Enhance Your Ability to Detect Extracellular Vesicles and Small Particles

Cytek’s Enhanced Small Particle (ESP) Detection Option expands the capability of your Cytek Aurora™ or Cytek Northern Lights™ system to resolve and identify extracellular vesicles (EVs) and small particles.

  • Analyze a variety of small particles including EVs, small bacteria, viruses and viral particles, nanoparticles, and more
  • Enable high resolution of label-free particles down to 70 nm with high sensitivity violet side scatter
  • Add phenotyping markers for deeper analysis and characterization of EVs using fluorescence
  • Capture the full dynamic range of side scatter (SSC) with dual laser SSC detectors off the blue and violet lasers
  • Investigate the full spectrum signature and autofluorescence of EVs to differentiate between sources

The ESP Detection Option is available now. Upgrade your existing system or add this feature to a new instrument purchase!

Contact your local Cytek representative for upgrade options or to add this to a new Cytek Aurora or Northern Lights system.