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DxP Athena

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Built by Cytek® from the ground up, the DxP Athena flow cytometry system incorporates Cytek's proven DxP technology enabling the capability to resolve dim populations in a multicolor format. Choose from configurations with up to 3 lasers and 13 fluorescence detection channels. Each configuration offers consistent powerful performance to meet your application requirements at an affordable price.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Available Configurations

Upgrade from 6-color to 13-color


Resolution of dim populations

Incorporates DxP Technology with efficient photomultiplier tubes( PMT) enabling high sensitivity and resolution.

Built-in maintenance capability

Automated monthly clean bleach cycle minimizes downtime, streamlines maintenance, and encourages compliance.


Upgradeable to 3 lasers and 13 colors. Available options include a 96-Well Automated Micro-Sampler (AMS).

Small Footprint

55 x 52.4 x 57.8 cm
(21.7 x 20.6 x 22.8 in)

Reproducible Results

QbSure® software characterizes the detectors and ensures optimal daily instrument performance.


DxP Athena incorporates the same DxP Technology used in other Cytek® upgraded platforms that are referenced in over 100 publications.



Excitation Optics

Optical Platform

Allows up to 3 lasers. Fixed optical assembly with three spatially separated laser beams.


407nm: 50mW
488nm: 45mW
637nm: 80mW

Beam geometry

Prismatic expander and achromatic spherical lens.

Optical Efficiency

Power loss at flow cell: <20% of specified laser power.

Emission Optics

Optical coupling

Fused silica cuvette coupled to emission lens by refractive index matching optical gel for optimum collection efficiency.

Background rejection

Obscuration blade and slit for minimizing unwanted laser radiation at the detector.

Forward scatter detector and filter

High-performance solid-state silicon detector with 488nm bandpass filter.

Side scatter detector

Photomultiplier and 488nm bandpass filter.

Photomultiplier Tubes

High efficiency Tri-alkali Photomultipliers.

Fluorescence detectors and filters

DxP Athena 13-color Configuration shown. Other configurations available.

BluFL1: 530/30 (FITC, Alexa Fluor® 488)
BluFL2: 575/30 (PE)
BluFL3: 615/25 (PE-Texas Red®)
BluFL4: 695/40 (PerCP-Cy5.5)
BluFL5: 780/60 (PE-Cy7)
RedFL1: 661/16 (APC)
RedFL2: 710/50 (Alexa Flour® 700)
RedFL3: 780/60 (APC-Cy7)
VioFL1: 450/50 (Brilliant Violet™ 421)
VioFL2: 525/50 (Brilliant Violet™ 510)
VioFL3: 615/25 (Brilliant Violet™ 605)
VioFL4: 710/50 (Brilliant Violet™ 711)
VioFL5: 780/60 (Brilliant Violet™ 785)


Sample Flow Rates

Front panel keypad provides four modes:
Run, Standby, Prime, and Clean.

Three preset flow rates:
LO: 12 μL/min
MED: 35 μL/min
HI: 60 μL/min


Onboard CLEAN mode for monthly maintenance.

Standard Fluidic Reservoirs

One 4-L sheath container and one 4-L waste container provided.

Regulatory Status

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures except in countries where the regulatory approval has been obtained from the local regulatory authorities. Please check with your local sales representatives before placing your orders.

DxP Technology Performance

Fluorescence Sensitivity

Molecules of Equivalent Fluorescence (MEFL), using Q&b Method*

FluorMin. QMax. b**Typical R Value
FITC 0.007 1200 382
PE 0.05 1000 300
PerCP-CY5.5 0.003 600 336
PE-CY7 0.001 2000 758
APC 0.015 500 161
APC-CY7 0.005 7500 1161
BV421 0.01 3750 818
BV510 0.01 1500 1261

*Q measures optical efficiency, b measures background, and R resolution limit) measures the number of dye molecules required to resolve a dim population from noise. **Average R value across 4 systems. MEFL required to be 2 standard deviations above noise. Assumes no compensation applied.

Fluorescence Sensitivity Threshold

FITC: 50 molecules of equivalent soluble flurochrome (MEFL-FITC)
PE: 30 molecules of equivalent soluble flurochrome (MEFL-PE)

*FITC and PE measurements performed using SPHERO Rainbow Calibration Particle (RCP-30-5A)

Fluorescence Linearity

Delivers doublet/singlet ratio of 1.95–2.05 for CEN stained with PI and excited with the 488nm blue laser.

Forward and Side Scatter Sensitivity

Enables separation of fixed platelets from noise.

Enables separation of fixed platelets from noise.

Performance is optimized for resolving lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes.

Side Scatter Resolution

Capable to resolve 0.5μm beads from noise.

Fluorescence Resolution

18 bit 5 log decades

Data Acquisition Rate

7,500 events/s with beads.

Data Management

FlowJo™ Collector's Edition 7.5.110 or later

Our acquisition interface can be adapted to any application.

Real time spillover matrix for viewing live compensated data.

Acquisition templates include hardware, gate, spillover, layout and statistical settings.

Save workspaces and use during multiple acquisition sessions.

Cytek AMS software version 1.0.4

Fast and Easy Setup

Experiment plate mapping, including stain names can be setup on stand alone computer and saved as a template for future use.

Block Inspector

Change the FlowJo Collector's Edition acquisition settings on a per block basis.

Well ID Stamping

Well ID in the file name confirms data file to Well ID relationship.


Operating System

Windows® 7 32-Bit Professional


Intel Quad Core processor, 3.0 GHz


4GB (1 x 4GB), 16000 MHz DDR3

Hard Drive

500GB SATA 3.0Gb/s

DVD Drive

16x DVD+/- RW, SATA

Video Processor

HD Graphics GMA 4600


24” LCD


96-Well Auto-sampling

Cytek's automatic micro-sampler (AMS) can be mounted directly under the sample injection tube reducing dead volume and increasing throughput.


Full 96-well plate in 40 minutes (15 sec. acquisition/well and 10 sec. wash/well) less than 1% carryover.

High throughput mode

Full 96-well plate in 15 minutes. (9 sec. acquisition/well) less than 3% carryover.

Installation Requirements

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Sensor module (without AMS)

55 x 52.4 x 57.8 cm
(21.7 x 20.6 x 22.8 in)


45.4 kg (100lbs)


48 x 41 x 58 cm (19 x 16 x 23 in)

Recommended workspace

180 x 91 x 132 cm
(71 x 36 x 52 in)

Room Requirements


100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 2A Max

Heat dissipation

450 watts with all solid-state lasers


16–29°C (60–85°F)


10% to 90% relative non-condensing

Air filtering

No excessive dust and smoke


Optics and detectors shielded from room


DxP Athena Product Brochure

Click below to download the complete product brochure for the DxP Athena. It contains everything you need to know about this revolutionary product.

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DxP Athena Technical Specs

Click below to download the technical specs for the DxP Athena. It contains everything you need to know about this revolutionary product.

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Driving the powerful DxP technology is Cytek's Exclusive FlowJo Collector's Edition Software

With this intuitive software you enjoy high speed data acquisition along with the tools required to optimize setup for a wide range of applications.

Learn More

QbSure® Cytometer Performance Verification Software

Check your cytometer's light collection efficiency (Q) and background noise (b) contribution to the resolution limit (R) for detecting dim populations.

Learn More

Performance Data

8 Peak Beads (Click to Enlarge)

10 Color Assay (Click to Enlarge)


Docs.Part No.NameLasersDetectorsRegulatory StatusPrice
insert_chart developer_mode 01-DXPSF6-01 DxP Athena B4-R2 488nm (35mW)
640nm (80mW)
FSC, SSC, and 6 Fluorescent detectors RUO Request Quote visibility
insert_chart developer_mode 01-DXPSF8-01 DxP Athena V2-B4-R2 407nm (50mW)
488nm (35mW)
640nm (80mW)
FSC, SSC, and 8 Fluorescent detectors RUO Request Quote visibility
insert_chart developer_mode 01-DXPSF10-01 DxP Athena V4-B4-R2 407nm (50mW)
488nm (35mW)
640nm (80mW)
FSC, SSC, and 10 Fluorescent detectors RUO Request Quote visibility
insert_chart developer_mode 01-DXPSF13-01 DxP Athena V5-B5-R3 407nm (50mW)
488nm (35mW)
640nm (80mW)
FSC, SSC, and 13 Fluorescent detectors RUO Request Quote visibility

Docs.Part No.NameDescriptionRegulatory StatusPrice
insert_chart 02-21611-00 QbSure® Start-up Pack Includes QbSure® software dongle and QbSure® beads RUO Request Quote visibility
insert_chart 97-00306-01 QbSure® Beads QbSure® Cytometer Validation Particles for use with QbSure® software RUO Request Quote visibility


Can I purchase a 561nm laser upgrade?

We are hoping to have a 561nm option available within the next 6 months.

Can I purchase a UV laser?

Not at this time but we are open to adding it in the future if there is a high demand.

If I purchase a B/V/R system and add a 561nm in the future, will I get a 4th beam spot and dedicated detectors?

Not at this time. You will get an extra beam spot and detectors with an upgraded two laser system.

Can I customize my system with other laser wavelength and powers?

The DxP Athena comes in standard configurations that enable Cytek® to ensure the same level of performance from manufacturing to service to daily customer performance.

What is included with the purchase of a DxP Athena?

The purchase includes a workstation, monitor, QbSure®, and FlowJo Collector’s Edition software packages, a one day onsite training and a one year warranty.

If I purchase an 8-color system today, can I upgrade in the future?

Yes. You can upgrade all the way up to a 13-color system.

How many years of Service are included with my purchase?

A one year warranty is included with your system with various levels of service options to choose from at the time of purchase.

Is training included with my purchase?

A 1 day onsite overview of workflow basics is included. Up to 3 people can attend.