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Around four years ago, I had some additional instrument money at the end of a grant period and was in the market for a flow cytometer. I had seen the capabilities of Cytek’s DxP6 at the University of Virginia, my previous institution, where it had been tested and I was impressed by the fluidics. After 4 years, the instrument is mostly trouble free, despite us constantly running intestinal lamina propria mononuclear cells, which due to their frequent contamination with epithelial cells, constantly clogged other cytometers. Another amazing feature is the electronics, which due to their digital signal processing, allow for post-collection digital compensation of data. However, for our small lab the most attractive feature was that the configuration is customizable, so last year we had additional dollars to spend and we upgraded to the DxP10. Working with rare cell subsets in the intestine the additional capabilities have been very well-received by all users. We have enjoyed our trouble-free cytometer for 5 years now and highly recommend it.

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