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New Plate Loader from Cytek® Biosciences Delivers Expanded Capabilities for High-Parameter, High-Throughput Single Cell Analysis

Enables More Assays for Researchers and Scientists

FREMONT, Calif., June 22, 2021
Cytek Biosciences, Inc., a leading cell analysis solutions company, today introduced a new plate loader – the Automated Sample Loader (ASL). Designed to streamline experimental workflows and seamlessly integrate into Cytek’s Aurora and Northern Lights™ cell analysis systems, Cytek’s ASL automates the sample loading process – offering ‘walk away’ capabilities and expanding high-throughput acquisition options for researchers.

The introduction of the ASL brings added versatility as users can now run assays from a 40-tube rack and 96-well deep or standard well plates – with the ability to switch between the two in a matter of seconds. Packaged with the ASL is a new version of Cytek’s proprietary SpectroFlo® software, which includes a new user interface and management options that improve experiment creation, data analysis and data management.

“Our plate loader functionality streamlines the sample acquisition process, shortening the time needed for researchers to go from biological question to answer,” said Dr. Wenbin Jiang, CEO of Cytek Biosciences. “It also makes Cytek’s Aurora and Northern Lights systems a better fit for more assays and more labs – including those running from tube-based assays or running large sample volumes. With 40-tube racks, 96-well plates, and 96-well deep well plates options, the Cytek ASL opens up the playing field for users of our Full Spectrum Profiling™ systems – while furthering our transition into a complete solution provider for the cell analysis market.”

Key features and benefits include:

  • Walk away sample acquisition capabilities, increasing lab productivity
  • Full integration into streamlined workflows on Cytek analyzers
  • Optimized mixing conditions for various tube racks and plates
  • Fully customizable settings to fit a wide variety of workloads and applications
  • Reduces the element of human error

Based on Cytek’s Full Spectrum Profiling (FSP™) technology, Cytek’s cell analysis systems utilize the full spectrum of fluorescence signatures from multiple excitation lasers to distinguish fluorescent tags on single cells, significantly advancing high-content cell analysis with higher sensitivity to provide a deeper understanding of biological systems. With the new ASL, researchers can run more samples and a wider variety of assays through this high-parameter analysis. Combining this with the recent unveiling of a new family of proprietary cFluor™ reagents and a high-dimensional sorter, Cytek offers a fully integrated workflow through a suite of solutions for the cell analysis market.

Cytek’s ASL is currently being certified for clinical use in the European Union and China. For more information about Cytek, please visit

About Cytek Biosciences, Inc.

Cytek Biosciences, Inc. is a leading cell analysis solutions company advancing the next generation of cell analysis tools by delivering high-resolution, high-content and high-sensitivity cell analysis utilizing its patented Full Spectrum Profiling™ (FSP™) technology. Cytek’s novel approach harnesses the power of information within the entire spectrum of a fluorescent signal to achieve a higher level of multiplexing with exquisite sensitivity. Cytek’s FSP platform includes its core instruments, the Aurora and Northern Lights™ systems, reagents, cell sorter, software and services to provide a comprehensive and integrated suite of solutions for its customers. Cytek is headquartered in Fremont, California with offices and distribution channels across the globe. More information about the company and its products is available at

Other than Cytek’s Northern Lights CLC system, which is available for clinical use in China and the European Union, Cytek’s products are for research use only – not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cytek, cFluor, Full Spectrum Profiling, FSP and Northern Lights are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cytek Biosciences, Inc.

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