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March 2020 Service Bulletins

Below is a list of new service bulletins from Cytek.  If you have difficulty accessing the linked content, please contact Chris Erickson (cerickson at cytekbio dot com).
  • Updated Loader 1.5 Upgrade Procedure (Rev. B) (LINK)
  • SpectroFlo Installation FAQ (LINK)
  • Beam Profile Viewer Software Installation Procedure (LINK)
  • TSB - Carryover Issues with New Manifold Design (LINK)
  • TSB - Laser Shutter Binding (LINK)
  • TSB - TEC Control Board RF Noise (LINK)
  • TSB - Insufficient power to TEC causes early end of laser life (LINK)
  • TSB - New Carriage Design for Plate Loader (LINK)