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When you need more actionable single cell data, trading in your current flow cytometer or sorter for a state-of-the-art full spectrum system can help achieve that goal. For a limited time, receive up to 20% off when trading in your existing cytometer for a new Cytek full spectrum flow cytometer or sorter. This is our way of helping you keep up with the advances in cell analysis technology.

Join the shift to Full Spectrum Profiling™! Complete the form to talk to our full spectrum experts and examine if it would be a good fit for your research.

  • Simple trade-in process
  • Future-proof with the ability to add additional lasers and detectors
  • Simple workflows with factory-installed optimized instrument settings
  • More fluorochrome options and panel flexibility
  • High-resolution data at the single-cell level to resolve the most challenging cell populations

Thank you for your interest in the Cytek® Aurora, Aurora CS and Northern Lights systems!

*Trade-in offer does not apply to instruments in China and in other territories covered by Cytek distributors.

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