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Experience the New Reality... for Less.

In the new reality, scientific breakthroughs happen one discovery at a time. Deeper insights are obtained from a single sample. Unique, affordable, advanced flow cytometry solutions uncover the full spectrum of possibilities.

Don't require the multicolor capabilities that come with a higher price tag? Then the newest member of our Cytek® Northern Lights family of advanced flow cytometry systems, the NL-1000, was designed just for you. What's more, if your needs change in the future, we've got you covered: the NL-1000 is upgradeable from 1 laser and up to 9 colors to 3 lasers and more than 24 colors, giving you exactly what you need – when you need it – and nothing you don't.

Cytek Bio's new flow cytometry solutions are where your vision begins. Our unique combination of patent-pending, innovative technologies that offer next-level performance and flexibility take what was once hidden and place it in full view.

Order before the end of 2019, and you'll get:

  • Up to 9 colors of high-quality data
  • Upgradeability to 3 lasers and more than 24 colors
  • The ability to use dyes with heavily overlapping peak emission
  • One configuration for all applications
  • Auto-fluorescence extraction
  • Plate loader capability (optional)

...all for just $45.5K.

Similarly priced offerings from other companies can't compare, and definitely can't take you beyond 24 colors.

Don't get left in the dark: Sign up here to get more product details, speak with one of our representatives or get a personal demo.

We can't wait to see what you discover!

Note: Offer good through 12/21/19. $45.5k includes shipping and taxes within the US. Special pricing applies to standard configuration (blue laser).

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