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Cytek's advanced performance in an accessible flow cytometer

The Cytek® Northern Lights, starting at a 1-laser option capable of 9+ color assays, with future-proof upgradability to 3-lasers and 25+ colors

Using the same technologically advanced, innovative design as the Cytek® Aurora, the Northern Lights offers all the same advantages of full spectrum cytometry; this means resolving more colors, more markers, and running larger panels without the added price of additional lasers. It also means more straightforward, faster workflows to help you get to actionable data sooner.

  • Never worry about optical filter configurations.  The Cytek Northern Lights uses a single optical configuration for all applications.
  • Optimized instrument settings.  Use our CytekAssaySettings and eliminate the need to optimize each detector voltage individually.
  • Re-use your single color controls.  SpectroFlo® lets you save full spectrum signatures for your reference controls and re-use them in any future assay.
  • Design panels faster.  More color choices and fewer spillover considerations open up more options and flexibility when designing your panels.
  • Easier data analysis.  Higher sensitivity and improved resolution mean you can more easily gate around populations of interest.

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