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Make a modest investment in an accessory that will dramatically improve throughput for years to come.


Improved Results

The AMS is both fast and accurate. Acquire a full 96 well plate in as little as 5 minutes with low carryover and high reliability


Service & Support

The Cytek AMS comes complete with on-site installation and technical support as well as a comprehensive warranty.

Cytek AMS - Automatic Micro-Sampling System

The AMS provides rapid and reliable sampling from 96 well, microtiter trays. Individual wells are pressurized to deliver the samples directly into the cytometer. The active well is positioned directly below the cytometer's uptake tube yielding a transfer volume of less than 10 ul and a transfer time under two seconds. The result is lower carryover and higher productivity for your lab.

Acquire a full 96 well plate in as little as 15 minutes.

Carryover less than 1% in automatic mode.

Plate cooling/warming.

Carryover less than 5% in high throughput screening mode.

Dead volume below 25 ul.

Cytek AMS Innovative Software

Intuitive Plate Setup: Click and drag to add the blocks you wish to acquire.

The AMS is controlled by an innovative software package

that also integrates Cellquest (or Cellquest Pro or FlowJo Collector's Edition) and Excel™. Marrying these tools simplifies data management and further enhances productivity.

  • Remote preparation: Set up your experimental plate mapping on independent computers and save the templates for future use.
  • Block level controls: Configure your settings on a per block basis.
  • Well ID confirmation: The Well ID file name is automatically correlated with the data file confirming the Well ID relationship.
  • Import Excel data: Sample IDs may be imported from any version of Excel.

Compatible with FACScan™, FACSort™, and FACSCalibur™ Flow Cytometers, using Cellquest™, Cellquest Pro™, or FlowJo Collector's Edition for acquisition. Requires Macintosh or Windows PC with USB port availability.

Quality Service and Support


Your AMS will be installed in your lab by one of our trained professionals.

Calibration & Validation

Comprehensive calibration and validation procedures will be conducted.


Designated personnel will be fully trained in the set-up, operation and maintenance of the AMS.


Comprehensive user documentation is included.


A starter spare parts kit comprised of routine replacement items is provided.


After the initial one year comprehensive warranty period, Cytek offers a number of extended service options to meet your needs and fit your budget.

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If you would like more information, email us at or call 1-877-92-CYTEK.